Financial Services

when seconds mean millions and closing deals on time drive big bonuses.

The financial services and banking industry rely on their information technology systems that must operate at maximum efficiency in order to complete transactions and perform financial trades on behalf of their clients.

When technology fails, business abruptly stops.  In a investment banker firm of 5 professionals, just 1 hour of IT outage can cost $1500 or more.  We design systems that keep your office working - in the office or on the go. 

Cloud Choice Technologies specializes in providing technology support services to financial services professionals in the south Florida region. We take this responsibility seriously and work hard to ensure our financial service clients have all the right technology services.  Looking for a guarantee that your computers will be ready to work when your team gets to the office?  We deliver.

We provide a fixed cost, IT service with service level guarantees that are designed to keep you running, and your team delivering on deals.  We use the latest technology and the brightest minds to ensure your team is ready - 24x7x365.  




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